From Jakarta to the downhill tea country of Talegong in Garut West Java, it’s all about spreading the stoke. In this episode Mike together with the Watermelon Longboard Crew drove at least 6 hrs to reach the mountains of Talegong, the race venue for the first official downhill race in Indonesia.


The Talegong Longboard Festival 2013 is the first official longboarding event in Indonesia with the goal to promote the longboarding scene in their country.

Meeting the locals and spending time with them was indeed one of the best highlights of our adventure. A journey of a life time! Hundreds of participants and spectators braved cold weather and were able to meet racers from Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.


For the next episode, we travelled from Talegong to the city of Bandung then straight to Cimaja. Watch out for it!

West Java Moments- A My Life on Board Productions

Filmed and Directed by Michael Eijansantos

Edited by Michael Eijansantos

Music: Whiskey and Wine by Dub Youth

Zakia by Achmad Albar

JADC by Burger Kill

Dawai Damai by Agrikulture

Phathetic Waltz by Rock and Roll Mafia

Air by Nethral


shot using Nikon d90, Canon G9 and GoPro Hero and GoPro Hero 3.

Special thanks to Roberto Tamba for the Arial footage,  Anbia SinQof, Mirza Ismail and Yudo Baskoro of Watermelon Boardshop.

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