For the final episode of West Java Moments, we went to the beautiful small town of Cimaja. After 2 days in the cool breezy hills of Talegong, we went straight to Cimaja, one of the best right hander surf spot in Indonesia. We drove at least 6 hours from Talegong to the city of Bandung then to Cimaja. In this episode, we had an experience to surf Cimaja and tried local dishes as well as we had an awesome moment to interview one of Indonesia’s most talented surfers.

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We were tired and hungry, but for a moment, we decided stop by and check out the spot. Yes, we smell the Indonesian sea breeze.

The seaside town of Cimaja boasts arguably one of the most consistent and quality right-hand cobblestone point breaks in Java, and is one of the favorite stops on the tour for Asia’s pro surfers who look forward to competing on this wave that offers up great potential for a variety of maneuvers.

Cimaja is also the hometown of 2008 Indonesian Surfing Champion Dede Suryana, who won the West Java Open in 2010 in front of his hometown fans, as well as home to up and coming surfers Sandi Selamat and Andre Julian.

After our session in Cimaja we head to another surfing spot which they called Sunset. We surfed all through out the day until the sun sets. We were amazed by the scenic view of the mountain engulfing the sun as it sets.

West Java Moments: Jakarta. Talegong. Cimaja- A My Life on Board Productions

Filmed and Directed by Michael Eijansantos

Edited by Michael Eijansantos

Photos by Ashraf Haris, Inda Saridam, Michael Eijansantos






Shot using Nikon d90, Canon G9 and GoPro Hero and GoPro Hero 3.

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