We are down to the 6th and final episode of Beyond Boarders. For the past weeks we showed you different stokes in every boardsports discipline. Its a bittersweet feeling getting to this point of the series. In this episode join us as we course through the other side of the skateboarding community that is quite different and personal. Where a group of skaters gather not just to skate, but also to discover a deeper purpose in life. Calling All Skaters. A Christian skate crew visited Manila last year. And with them, a legendary skateboarder was tagged along. They’re here to share us their worldwide mission that will revolutionize the heart of the local skateboarding community.

Shaun Hover at Backyard Skate Park
Skate Legend Christian Hosoi

“Beyond Boarders” is a 6-part mini web series that features Michael Eijansantos’ travelogue on the culture of boardsports in Asia. This will feature local movers in each discipline, creating an avenue of wide spectrum that showcases our pursuit of a unified passion. Whether surfing, downhill longboarding, skateboarding, wake or kiteboarding, Mike will take viewers to different parts of the Philippines and Asia, sharing with them the growing boardsports community.