Corona Virus Lockdown: Eight Binge-Worthy Boardsport Documentaries to Watch Now!


Trying to avoid public places and coronavirus? Itching to surf? Daydreaming of that incomplete trick that you’re practicing for weeks? Stay home and binge these boardsport documentaries on Redbull TV.

Here are some binge-worthy boardsports documentary now available on

South to Sian

On boards, on bikes, by boat and four-wheel drive, Harrison Roach and Zye Norris’s journey is to discover if, in these days of GPS and WiFi, the dream of a true pioneering surf adventure is still possible. Watch it here.

PEACE: An Element Audiovisual Project

Element’s PEACE is an audiovisual journey that explores the moments for skateboarders when focus, confidence and perseverance triumph over all obstacles. Watch it now, CLICK HERE.

Chasing the Shot: A quest for the perfect surf photo

Follow photographer Leroy Bellet on his quest to film some of the world’s best barrel riders, on some of the world’s most dangerous waves. The result is more than a few terrifying moments, but also some of the most epic surf footage ever captured. Watch it now, CLICK HERE.

Fish: Surfboard Documentary

The fish brand of surfboards has had a huge impact on surf culture in the 30 years since its launch. Learn about the origins of the surfboard’s innovative design, and hear from some of the pioneers who changed the sport of surfing forever. WATCH IT NOW!

Generations: The Movie – Quiksilver Films

The past, present and future of surfing in one film.

Join generations of pro surfers on a journey around the world. The latest instalment in Quiksilver’s surf movies has a simple but powerful effect – you’ll want to drop everything and go for a surf. Watch it now, CLICK HERE.

Birdhouse “Saturdays” 

Featuring the legendary Tony Hawk and some of the most progressive skateboarding ever captured, Saturdays was shot over three years on location at iconic spots across the globe. Check out this long-awaited new film from Birdhouse Skateboards here. Watch it here,

The Signal Hill Speed Run

A ridiculously steep hill in California was the stage for downhill skateboarding’s first contest and it quickly became the epicentre of the absurd new sport. The Signal Hill Speed Run was a festival of innovation, speed and danger. Watch it now! CLICK HERE.

4 Waves 1 Hour: The Story of Mick Fanning’s 2013 ASP Title

The 2013 ASP World Championship was a battle between Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning that all came down to just four waves in two 30-minute heats. Mick’s journey to the title is narrated by the man himself in an intimate and dramatic look at his win.

We encourage everyone to stay home, just sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!