It was the event everyone wanted to win, and Dane Hanna raced the perfect final to win the first men downhill race at a World Roller Games.

The finalists exit the final corner at the World Roller Games 2019.
Left to right: Yanis Markarian (France) 4th, Oscar Rodriguez (Spain) 3rd, Dane Hanna (Canada) 1st, and Harry Clarke (Australia) 2nd. Photo from Colin Beck.

The mixed results of the time trial made for some unusual early heats in the men’s bracket. Heat three had the two top USA racers Chase Hiller and Daniel Engel racing each other. They both progressed to round two and met Douglas Dalua in fighting form. Dalua and Engel moving to the Quarters and Chase Hiller getting knocked out.

Oh! Canada! Congrats Dane Hanna. Photo from Ryan Farmer.

The two unbeaten racers going into the final were Harry Clarke (AUS) and Dane Hanna (CAN). No surprise that both of them have insanely good push starts, and it was not just Dane, they were both monstering the other competitors.

The standout country was Australia, although we all know I am a bit bias. They came to Barcelona with a competitive team. They had high altitude training the week before the event in the Alps, and National team leathers thanks to team sponsor @realty. They were easy to follow on the livestream and the team unity was obvious. Their whole team performed above expectation. Out of five qualifiers, four made it through to the round of 16. Zak Mills-Goodwin raced in a stacked heat and young gun Shannon Tully was unlucky to meet Dana Banks, Alex Charleston and Tiago Mohr in the second round. Jacko, Mitty and Harry all made it to the quarters.

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1st Dane Hanna (CAN) 
2nd Harry Clarke (AUS) 
3rd Óscar Rodríguez (ESP) 
4th Markarian Yanis (FRA)

Consi Final
1st Tiago Mohr (BRA)
2nd Mitch Thompson (AUS)
3rd Yan Bertinati (BRA)
4th Daniel Engel (USA)