To the ENDS Film Series – “PHILIPPINES”


We are so honored to be part of this project. Last year, we joined the passionate team from Ride Nature to film this episode of “To the Ends Film.”

We’ve known Mark Koch since they visited the Philippines couple of years ago. His passion and dedication in reaching out the action sports scene through God’s word was so infectious. He was able to motivate key leaders in the archipelago to use their skills and God given talent to show the world how Jesus transform lives through boardsports.

“In all of our travels since 2010, never have we found such a spiritually strong group of young people as we’ve found in the Philippines. At the core of Ride Nature’s mission is the hope and goal of equipping and establishing leadership globally. When most of the world is looking down on the millennial population, in the Philippines it’s the exact opposite. We’re excited to bring you EPISODE FIVE, “PHILIPPINES” from our newest film series, “TO THE ENDS“!

“Making up a cluster of over 7,000 islands, the Philippines is not only one of the most beautiful places we’ve visited, but the action sports industry is thriving there. From all-time surfing and skimboarding, skate spots everywhere, to multiple world class wake parks, the Filipinos are all about the action sports! Episode 5, shares the story of our 3rd trip to the Philippines and it seems like each trip has just gotten better.”

“Visiting 3 different islands and different pockets of leaders, we’ve been able to witness first hand, young people getting after it when it comes to making a difference in the communities they live in.”

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