To the ENDS Film Series – “JAPAN”


Here’s the first episode of To The ENDS Film Series.

The knowledge of the spiritual need in Japan combined with the magnitude of the action sports industry (over 12,000,000 million involved in the snow, surf, and skate industry) played a huge roll in the inspiration of launching Ride Nature. We originally received an email from JP back in 2014 after we had released the Purpose Film. JP was interested in adding Japanese subtitles to the project and quickly a friendship was birthed.

Based out of Southwest Florida, as you can imagine, the amount of snowboarding we get to do is pretty minimal. But like most individuals that grew up surfing and skating, we also had a strong love for being on the mountain. After 4 years of emailing, face-timing, and even sending one of our interns at one point to go work with JP in Japan, we were so stoked to finally get there ourselves.

Japan is unlike any country we’ve ever visited. The people are extremely kind and friendly but planting seeds of the Gospel or getting someone to open up to the point of being willing to talk about their faith is a massive struggle. It takes years and years to gain someone’s trust, to build a relationship, and ultimately to see real fruit from the work you are doing. Consistency is definitely the key in this country and it is a word that defines the work that JP and his family are spearheading. After faithfully serving for 10 years, seeing the fire that still burns in their heart is something that definitely ignited a flame in ours.

To learn more about the work JP and his family are leading or to discover ways that you can be involved/partner alongside them, visit or email at [email protected].