Custom Culture – A Filipino Surfboard Story


Skwala Surf Industries has been in the forefront of shaping locally made surfboards in the Philippines. Paolo Soler’s vision was just simple, shape quality surfboards and grow the local board shaping industry in the country.Here’s a short story on the people behind Filipino Surfboard company, Skwala.

“This is why local surfboards are better than imported mass produced brands.

A good reason to choose local handcrafted surfboards over mass produced imported brands besides supporting a local industry is to make sure you have the right equipment thats perfect for your skill level and body type. The materials are practically the same but the shapes are precise to your skill level and body type. You can also have any shape made so instead of paying tens of thousands more, just head over to our shop and we can make it for you.

Filipino custom surfboards are taking over the country. Here’s what’s happening in the Philippine surf scene.

This video shows how it all began with our surfboard company. It also introduces our team; A few simple characters fueled by passion and driven by purpose. Original Filipino custom surfboards are taking over the country and there’s still so much room to grow. This is what we live for.”

A film by Gabs Batallones

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