Philippines Joins World’s Best National Surfing Teams in 2018 Urban Research ISA World Surfing Games


The Philippine Surfing Community is ecstatic as the country makes a debut at the International Surfing Association (ISA) World Surfing Games (WSG). Set in Tahara, Japan between September 15 to 21, the Philippines’ best surfers will vie for the contest’s top prize. Interesting fact: the last time the WSG was held in Japan was back in 1990.

Tahara, Japan. Photo courtesy of ISA | Ben Reed

The likes of talented athletes Philmar Alipayo, Piso Alcala, Daisy Valdez, Neil Sanchez, Ana Mae Alipayo along with surf coaches Manuel Melindo, Roy Ian Saguan, Joseph Olin and Luke Landrigan all have put in the time and energy to bring glory and pride to flag and country. This is the fruition of all they’ve done. Philippines, joining the ISA Surfing Games, was set into motion last year through the efforts of Landrigan and the United Philippines Surfing Association (UPSA).

Team Philippines. Photo courtesy of ISA | Ben Reed
Philmar Alipayo waving the Philippine flag while John Mark Tokong pouring the beach sand of the Baler together with other beach sands from different surf spots around the world. Photo courtesy of ISA | Ben Reed

Among 42 competing countries, Philippines is joined by fellow first-timers Iran and Hungary which shows that the sport as a whole is more than growing. In fact, Afghanistan, China, Chinese Taipei, Greece, Senegal, and South Korea—all of which who made their own debuts last year—are further proof that even non-traditional surfing nations are fully embracing the art and competition of riding waves.

Photo courtesy of ISA | Ben Reed

In many ways, you can consider this competition a snap-shot of what’s to come in the Tokyo 2022 as surfing will finally and for the first-time be featured as an Olympic sport. ISA WSG 2017 gold medallists Pauline Ado of France and Jhony Corzo of Mexico are coming back in hopes to turn in a back-to-back championship run. But, let’s hope their plans would be foiled by our surf heroes.

Photo courtesy of Ian Saguan

To follow the exciting surfing action, you can go to ISA’s different social medial channels (Facebook: International Surfing Association; Instagram: @ISAsurfing; Twitter:@ISAsurfing) as they will be posting live updates, photos, and videos from the event.

We wish all our competitors the best of luck as they embark on a journey that is undeniably a huge step forward for the sport in the country! Godspeed and we couldn’t be prouder of you all!