7 Of The World’s Best Kiteboarding Destinations


Kiteboarding is on the rise around the world, and if you live in the Philippines and have an interest, you’ve probably had a chance to try it out. The country is full of good spots for the sport, provided good weather, and ultimately it’s a good place both to learn and to have fun with it. At the same time however, the world is full of places that are increasingly being recognized as awesome kiteboarding destinations. And most of them happen to double as fairly extraordinary places to visit even without bringing your kiting equipment.

Photo by Michael Eijansantos

A list like this couldn’t possibly cover everything. But for those who are interested in seeing the world through board sports, this is our look at seven of the very best spots for kiting (with a caveat at the beginning that the Calamianes Islands in the Philippines are generally regarded as being world class!).

1. Cumbuco, Brazil

As an entire country, Brazil is arguably the top spot in the world for kiteboarding. There are numerous beaches popular for the sport. Some people head to Brazil to learn, and others to practice in some of the best and most beautiful locations to be found anywhere.

But Cumbuco, on the northeastern coast, is the best of the best. A lengthy beach, consistently windy conditions, and the combination of a lagoon and a moderate surf make it ideal for kiting. As for actually staying there during a kiting trip, Cumbuco is a fairly small village. But it’s relatively close to the much bigger city of Fortaleza, where you can find plenty to do when you’re not out on the water.

2. Babaomby, Madagascar

Babaomby, Madagascar also has outstanding and consistent kiteboarding conditions throughout much of the year, which makes it a logical draw, even if it’s remote. But who doesn’t want to explore Madagascar? When you’re not kiting at this somewhat isolated area to the northern part of the island (or moving along the coast in an epic downwinder), you can explore the fascinating nature and wildlife that make this African island so unique. All in all it makes for an incredibly adventurous getaway.

3. Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Cabarete makes just about all of the major lists of best kiteboarding destinations, which means it can attract a lot of people. But this beach still has awesome summer conditions and there’s enough space to support the crowd. Additionally, the Dominican Republic is about the most enjoyable island you could ask for for the hours when you’re not out on the water.

It’s famous for resorts, beaches, and an entertaining vibe. And Cabarete is not too far from the luxurious Punta Cana area to the east. The Hard Rock there was recently written about as a perfect destination for a wedding, which speaks to its blend of entertainment and luxury, and that’s just one of many renowned resorts in the area.

4. Lake Garda, Italy

As serious kiters know, you don’t have to be on the sea to enjoy great conditions. In fact, sometimes a lake – if it’s big enough and in a place that attracts suitable winds – can be best of all. That’s certainly the case at Lake Garda, which is a massive lake bordered by Alpine peaks in northern Italy. Aside from great kiting you can expect a laid back vacation there, surrounded by gorgeous scenery and the culinary delights of the region.

5. Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is right up there with Brazil as one of the most famous kiting destinations on the planet, and with good reason. Frankly, the island state is great for just about all beach and water sports, and for beach getaways in general.

Just this year three beaches on the island of Maui made it into the Best of U.S. awards, which is saying something when you consider the number and variety of great U.S. beaches. As for the kiteboarding specifically, Maui can actually be a challenge because of its fairly active surf. But it’s still one of the true world capitals of the sport.

6. Nabq Bay, Egypt

Egypt is underrated for water sports and coastal destinations in general, as it often goes unnoticed that its Red Sea beaches are fairly stunning. The Nabq Bay area is essentially a small beach town on a large cove, complete with resort accommodations and delightful kiting conditions. Wind can be fairly intense on the bay, but calm waters make that a good thing rather than a hazard.

7. Boracay, Philippines

We’ll wrap up with the Philippines, and another destination that’s known around the world as one of the best places for kiteboarding. Boracay is a relatively small island, known as something of a low-key resort retreat, with pretty hotels, beachside bars and restaurants, and lovely surrounding waters. On the eastern side of the island, however, things get a little more active, specifically at Bulabog Beach.

Warm water, regular wind, and a relatively shallow bay make for perfect conditions, and there are multiple kiteboarding schools and rental facilities up and down the beach. A day out at Bulabog followed by a night at the beach bars across the island is about as good as it gets for a kiteboarding vacation!