One of Siargao’s Fave Spots Finds A Home in The Metro


Given the city life’s seemingly frantically-hurried pace, it is difficult to imagine that you would be able to bring a piece of the beach home after your surf trip and actually make it last. In many respects for most of us, that’s the very reason why we love along surfing—with all its trappings—because it is something we crave as much it is something we live for: capturing that stoked euphoria is high priority.

Fortunately for all of us, a beloved resort-restaurant in one of the country’s top surfing destinations has bridged the gap between swell-sliding city folk and them being able to take a part of Siargao home with them as they return to reality, even when they are away from what many surfers regard as their “happy place”.

Kermit Siargao Surf Resort and Restaurant has finally opened their first spot beyond the beach and have set up shop in Makati to the delight of surfers and foodies alike. Marine biologist-restaurateur Gianni Grifoni brings his trademark Italian cuisine to the urban scene that’s not just more competitive, but also highly-critical.

However, aside from running with the original Kermit concept so many have become patrons of, Grifino is indeed in very capable hands (and probably less to worry about) as he has Locavore-chef Tin Magsaysay-Matic, better-half of his business partner, Eric Matic, in his culinary corner.

While the setting may be far from the sea breeze, sun, and sand, Kermit Siargao’s charm is very much alive in its successor. The interiors, while very sophisticatedly industrial, is still exuding with the chill vibes its predecessor is famous for. And of course, the same positive outlook can be said about the food.

Pizza by the beach is a pairing that comes as almost an automatic decision as any and Kermit’s Neapolitan Pizza is no exception. Sure, you’ve don’t exactly have a sunset view in your sights, but your belly couldn’t be more delighted by the duo of tasty dough that’s best enjoyed with Parma ham and fresh bell peppers. Pasta, a carb-packed meal that best eaten after a day-long of paddling, can also be another wise choice to tickle your taste buds and the Gamberetti may offer just the trick: the flavors just work.

But don’t just take our word for it: head down to 4636 Molina St., Poblacion, see for yourselves, and discover that you can now have a piece of the Siargao pipeline, so to speak, when you feel like it when the waves are just happen to be a little too distant as of the moment.