Boracay: Philippines’ Premiere Kiteboarding Destination


For this side of the world, Boracay is simply the place to be. This famous beach site has consistently attracted millions of visitors on a yearly basis. Moreover, it has showed up in many publications—both local and foreign—as one of Mother Nature’s true wonders. But apart from the spectacular sun, powdery white sand, and warmth of the locals, the still-breathtaking island is also known to offer remarkable waves that gather all sorts of extreme sports enthusiasts and experts from all over. However, among all of these adrenaline-pumping activities, it could be argued that it is kiteboarding that takes the cake, as it has definitely become one of Boracay’s main attractions.

To witness a kiteboarder in action is akin to seeing grace, timing, control, and even athleticism come together in synchronicity. It is truly poetry in motion and a number of these proverbial salt-water-based poets make their way to Bulabog Beach. A typical scenario here would be watching seasoned kiteboarders flipping their boards and executing tricks to the sound of mighty wave breaks and relaxing sea breeze.

So, what separates these shores from the rest? According to Travel Wire Asia, Boracay’s second most popular tourism beach has a reef-protected lagoon which leads to two positive things. First, it preserves the marine life in said area, which is always good for us and the environment. Second, the waters here are much fitting for rookies who want to hop on a kiteboarding session as they remain flat during low tide. Winds in Bolabog Beach are between 12 to 30 knots and the peak season is between November and April. It’s no coincidence either that Bulabog’s coastline is peppered with various kiteboarding and kitesurfing schools and learning centers ready and eager to welcome willing beach folk unto a board.

Boracay’s top local kiteboard athlete Christian Tio.

Additionally, according to the Philippine Inquirer, the waters of Bulabog have served as stomping grounds for the country’s kiteboarding team in preparation for the Youth Olympic Games that will take place in October of this year. This can be considered proof that not only can this beach prepare our athletes for international competition, but also and more importantly, the local kiteboarding culture is both strong and alive. Apart from Boracay’s irresistible allure as a tourist haven, this is also exactly what makes the island stand out in the kiteboarding scene: its beaches can rival some of the best in the world. It’s no surprise we easily hear “Boracay” and “kiteboarding destination” being positively mentioned within the same statement.

But then, this part of Boracay is slowly fading away due to environmental issues and the disruption of the Island’s ecological status because of the the recent tourism influx. We hope that this issue will be resolved immediately. Through this, we hope to encourage every kiteboarders, establishment owners and tourists to become part of the solution in Boracay’s ecological waste crisis and preserve the Island’s beauty for future generations. One way to do so, is by booking your vacation through a local Boracay agency specializing in responsible ecotourism. By doing so you can participate in the cleaning effort, support the local culture and economy, and learn about the island’s rich history. This will make you part of the solution and separate you from the horde of tourists who are slowly ruining this beautiful paradise.




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