Back to the Roots! The Visayan Longboarding Tour: Siquijor 2017


The Visayan Longboarding Trilogy is the biggest longboarding event in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Over a hundred longboarders from different parts of the globe will participate the 9 day skate adventure in the best downhill spots in Cebu and Siquijor.

This 2017 the organizers of VLT decided to go back to the roots, keep it simple and maintain a tight camaraderie among downhill skateboarders in the island of Siquijor where it all started.

Learn about VLT’s early days. Here’s a look back  from the 1st to 6th VLT.

The 1st VLT 2009




Photo from Epos Falcone

The 2nd VLT 2011

VLT started with 3 provinces and traditionally starts with 30 km Push race in Cebu City.

Adam Colton.
Niqui Cui and Kara Marbe-Urbiztondo. Photo by Carina Altamonte.

Adam Colton and Adam Stowski together with Pablo Castro of Loaded Board visited the Philippines for the first time during the VLT 2011.

VLT 2011 Siquijor leg race course was 3.5 km.

The 3rd VLT 2012

1st Leg Dumanjug, Cebu.

2nd leg Boljoon, Cebu

3rd leg, Siquijor Island

It was Patrick Switzer’s first time to join the Visayan Longboarding Trilogy. Patrick won all the 3 legs and yes, he love mangoes!

The 4th VLT 2013

1st Leg Siquijor

The 4th VLT Siquijor Leg: Patrick Switzer, Dandoy Tongco and Tito Sumicad.

2ng Leg Boljoon

3rd Leg Dumanjug

The 5th VLT

1st Super Mango Skate Clinic by Patrick Switzer and the 1st WQS International Downhill Federation race in the Philippines. Dumanjug.

The 6th VLT


The Visayan Longboarding Trilogy is perhaps the longest running adventure and back to back competitions in downhill skateboarding.

On its 7th consecutive year of sharing stoke and spreading good vibes, the Visayan Longboarding Tour: Siquijor will be epic as it is, gathering longboarders from different parts of the Philippines and the globe, making new friends and sharing the simple life experience that longboarding can deliver.

We’re inviting everyone to come and celebrate good vibes with us at the 6th Visayan Longboarding Trilogy!

VLT is the ultimate skate adventure for 2017!

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