Dandoy Tongco Wins the 2016 India Surf Festival Stand Up Paddle Race

Photo by Alwyn Uytingco

Heading towards the final stretch, Dandoy Tongco managed to secure a 10ft lead over his 3 opponents from India. Dandoy made an ISF history as the first and only foreign competitor to win the SUP race.

Murthy Megavan (India) and Dandoy Tongco (Philippines). Photo by Mike Eijansantos

Reigning for 4 years, Mr. Murthty Megavan and his team from Covelong were astonished by Dandoy’s speed and agility during the course of the race. Mr. Murthy Megavan of Covelong which Dandoy gave his utmost respect as his inspiration because of his age made a remark to Dandoy Tongco’s victory, “He is fast, strong and consistent.”, Mr. Megavan said during an interview. “I give my respect to Dandoy for winning the race,” Mr. Megavan added.

A beautiful sunset backdraft of the SUP race with Murthy Megavan and Dandoy Tongco. Photo by Mike Eijansantos

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) race in the Philippines is not as popular as it is in India. Pushing the boundaries over this uncharted sports in Philippines is crucial. Dandoy’s international success will give a limelight for the sport of SUP in the Philippines and will start to gain popularity for young generations of Filipino boardsports enthusiasts.


Dandoy’s victory.

Aside from SUP, Dandoy Tongco and his Grupo Nopo brother Epos Falcone introduced skimboarding to the boardsport enthusiasts in India for the first time. it was deemed to be accepted immediately as people converged to witness history in the making. Local surfers and skateboarders rushed to the beach to experience the thrill of this new water sport in their country.

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Aside from Skimboarding, Dandoy and Epos also organized a tree planting activity and the Free and Easy Mobile Skate Clinic for the students in Ramchandi.


Spreading the love of boardsports. Photo by Alwyn Uytingco

Dandoy Tongco was actively participating in SUP races in Cebu and neighboring provinces. He also shapes surfboards and SUP for a living. Now that Dandoy reached a pinnacle of his SUP career, this momentous victory will give him a boost in promoting the SUP race in the Philippines.

SUP Race results:

  1. Dandoy (Philippines) – INR 30,000
  2. Manikandan (Kovalam) – INR 20,000
  3. Murty (Kovalam) INR 10,000
  4. Rajsekar (Kovalam)



The India Surf Festival is a culmination of boardsports, arts and music in 3 days spectacle of celebration of different cultures. For its 5th consecutive year, India Surf Festival is pushing the Surfing and Stand Up Paddle race as one of the most awaited main boardsports competition throughout the festival.

Although, SUP racing is gaining popularity in India, with over 4,600 miles of coastline and more than 17% of the world’s population, it is only a matter of time that this sport and surfing will burst out to a mainstream popularity in this country.

“From a very small event with just a handful of people, look at how far we’ve come. It gives me goosebumps when I think about how this dream of putting together now five consecutive festivals so that surfing can be known to people, to the mainstream media.” – Sanjay Samantaray, ISF Creator


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