EAST BAY FUNK- United Keeping it High Downhill Race Series in Batangas City


The guys from United still pushing and keeping the scene HIGH, literally with their series of downhill events across the  big island of Luzon. With the fast phased life in the metro, the downhill skate scene in Manila is still thriving, thanks to the undying efforts of Carl Sambrano and team United for making sure that the longboarding scene will continue to flourish in this side of the country.

East Bay Funk in Batangas City.

All smiles at B- City. Photo by Owen Licop.

The 1st ever-downhill skateboarding event in Batangas city – East Bay Funk was served fresh at Big Momma. Barangay Pagkilatan province of Batangas, Luzon Philippines.


Forecast for the day 1 was hot and full of stoke. The day in Big Momma had a stoke session and at 3pm a No Pucks Down race was done.

It was on a quick 500m road. The view from the starting line had the view of Batangas Bay as ships and waves cruised thru the bay. It would immediately send you into a sharp left turn as it consistently gets steeper and faster.

Check out some highlights of this event through the lens of Mr. Owen Licop.


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Read the full story of this event, visit UNITED’s facebook page, CLICK HERE.