Free and Easy Mobile Skate Clinic with Dandoy Tongco


Hailed to be one of the most versatile boardsport athletes in the Philippines, Dandoy Tongco proved everyone that his passion and dedication for the sport will give him the golden ticket to travel the world, meet new friends and most of all inspire others through his humble story.


Dandoy’s skate career was not an overnight success. He started skateboarding at an early age. He traveled and competed around the Philippines and established himself as one of the best downhill racers in Southeast Asia.

Now Dandoy continues to spread the stoke by starting the Free and Easy Mobile Skate Clinic.



We had an opportunity to ask Dandoy about his mission in spreading the stoke in younger generations.

MLOB: What encouraged you to start the mobile skate clinic?

Dandoy: My good friend Juan Duazo, brought me up with this idea. I encourage my self to do this with the children in the orphanage. Doing skate clinics in an orphanage is more valuable for me.
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MLOB: What was the most memorable experience during the mobile skate clinic?

Dandoy: There was a time when we were in home care at Lapu-Lapu city, I met an 11year old blind girl, and I taught her how to ride a skateboard.


On her first try, she was really happy that she stood out on a board and she asked what is this? I explained it to her that its just like a piece of wood with four wheels, then she smiled. But come to think of it, even if I explained to her really well, or even if you say that she’s the most beautiful in the world, you can’t still say that she is, because she has no idea what it looks like.


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It was my first time that I taught a blind kid on how to ride a skateboard. Now I realized how important was that to her that she felt the good and was stoked while riding a skateboard.


I hope this way, we could inspire more abandoned children on earth. thank you everyone for supporting my new activity in skateboarding and inspire other longboarding communities by doing what they love. I believed by the power of sharing.


Photos courtesy of Grupo Nopo.