2015 Go Skateboarding Day Manila Push Parade


Skateboarders across Metro Manila and other Cities in the Philippines expressed their freedom on the streets, pushing their skateboarding along the major roads of the city to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day. All together, skateboarders expressed their passion for skateboarding.




Roxas Boulevard was flooded by skateboarders for the early morning push parade all the way from Liwasang Bonifacio to PICC where the Vans DIY Go Skateboarding Day was held. In other parts of the metro skateboarders paraded the major streets and even displayed their hopes that soon the government will grant every city a public skatepark.




The Push Parade was organized by Mr. Roy Estillero of Padraska Skateboarding, a police officer and skateboarder and Jun Taduran. His passion is to help the skateboarding scene grow in our country giving every skateboarders a right to skate. “The push parade was my initial idea to help give awareness about skateboarding. Skateboarding is our passion, to some it’s a sport and to others it’s their lifestyle,” said Mr. Roy Estillero.

The Go Skateboarding Day celebration is an annual gathering of skateboarders around the globe. Vans Philippines organized this event to give back to the skateboarding community.