Catanduanes Reef Break 2015: A Boardsport event you don’t want to miss!


This coming May 27 to May 30 2015, the second Catanduanes Reef Break will take place. Said to be a pioneer event which caters to both the tourists and board sports afficianados in a more festive manner.

 CRB Testimonial (Bea Vega)

The activities include a surf clinic, surf competitions (mens and wahine longboard open, pro and junior shortboard division), skate competions, and guest musians and DJs who’ll make you want to swoon or dance to the best songs!

Catanduanes is known for the great Majestic waves and sceneic routes, great for downhill skate; not to mention warm and friendly locals who would want you to stay and be part of the community.

Yes, there are other amazing events throughout the summer, even during surf season as well. But would you want to miss out on the greatest one?

 CRB Testimonial (Hon. Joseph B. Wong)

Tickets are still available through the event website

See you all in a few days! #crb2015 #happyisland