Unseen Talent: Skimboarding with Aldon Pamogas by Tonyo Productions


“Skimboarding is underrated. This is about as good as I ever got, but there is some raw talent out there”. The words come from Tony Hawk. He tweeted it way back in 2012 and everyone opened their eyes about this underatted sport. And the skateboard legend was right.

Skimboarding is hard, I respect every skimboarders out there because of their unwitting talent. Now, the world will see the talent of Aldon Pamogas from Tandag, a fifth class city and the provincial capital of the province of Surigao del Sur, Philippines. Filmed by Tonyo El-Estwani, the man behind Tonyo Productions.

Tonyo was known for his great videos from Dandoy Tongco to downhill longboading events in the Philippines. facinated by the raw talent Aldon, Tonyo decided film him and let the whole world know about the unseen talent of Aldon.

About Tonyo Productions:

A Chef by profession, Tonyo El-estwani has been filming boardsports like downhill longboarding, skimboarding and skateboarding since 2012. The ideas behind his film was inspired by the videos of Grupo Nopo, Juan Duazo and Juan Rayos. He thought of doing more artistic videos, creating a wide range of diverse scenes and beat. After the success of the Subic Flash Pizzas and Padyak Bayani Dos videos featured here in Mylifeonboard.net, Tonyo instantly made an enormous impact to the community through his skills and talent in filming.

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