Have a thoughtful and balanced vacation in Blue Palawan


According to a February 2015 statistic from Department of Tourism, an  Average Length of Stay (ALoS) of a tourist was registered at 10.40 nights which is longer by 1.46% versus the February 2014 ALoS of 10.25 nights. Scroll down and check out what Blue Palawan is all about! And we bet you would maximize your 10 nights in this awesome place located in the most beautiful island in the country, Palawan.

Why do Blue Palawan call it the Blue Experience?

Beyond the hidden white sand beach and other amenities for relaxation and recreation, Blue Palawan believe in two things that make a perfect vacation. The Blue Experience is one carefully crafted out of Thoughtfulness and Balance.


Thoughtfulness means that Blue Palawan ensures that the customers are at the utmost, most comfortable state in the resort; thus, they believe that the smallest details can make the biggest difference in the whole Blue Experience – from lighting to furniture design, classy music to match your mood, food for every palate, and fast wi-fi to stay connected.

Professional Kiteboarder Malin Amle from Norway enjoyed her stay in Blue Palawan. “This is by far the most relaxed and most beatiful place I’ve been. It’s perfect for kiteboarders out there who want s to enjoy their kiteboarding vacation.”

DSC_0547Read: A Day with Professional Kiteboarder Malin Amle

Balance, on the other hand, means that Blue Palawan offers the best of both worlds. It is the only white sand beach resort that is located right in the heart of the city. Part of the Blue Experience is their simple but elegant beach huts fitted to all your lifestyle needs.

Blue Palawan’s Amenities

– An infinity pool
– Pool lounge area. They also have a pool deck that can accommodate up to 150 people and its unimpeded view of the ocean makes it a perfect venue for special events.
– Signature cocktails at the indoor and outdoor bars equipped customized bartenders’ station.
– Premier restaurant
– Latest and highest quality sound system.
– Connect to wi-fi in all rooms and public areas

Blue Palawan’s Recreational Activities

– Kiteboarding
– Wakeboarding
– Surfing
– Scuba Diving
– Archery

You may contact Blue Palawan throughemail [email protected] Or call them at +639178314118

For more information about Blue Palawan:  http://www.bluepalawan.com/

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