Local’s Perspective: Zambales


True enough, Zambales is one of our favorite surf spots in the Philippines. The accessibility, friendly and hospitable locals, the simple local life and the left hander waves made it a top notch surf and skim destination whenever the south swell season starts to roll in our country.

The day to day life in this small fishing Barangay starts with a fresh fish for breakfast.   

Home away from Home

We consider Zambales our home away from our home. Whenever we’re there with the locals, hanging around Dada’s kubo, waiting for the swell to come in, you’ll deeply appreciate the simplicity of life.

I always see these boys wearing their boardshorts, I rarely see them wearing their school uniform. Well I think because I always wake up late in my hammock.


DSCF8952 copy




Local’s Perspective: A Web Visual Story Series is a new addition to My Life on Board’s online content featuring the top local surfers and surf destinations in the Philippines.

Featured local surfers: Reynald “Kulot” Liwarin, Selvester Bactad, Ronnel Farinas, John Louie Farinas, JuveCris Lavesoria, Dada Ewoks, Allan Caralinan, Mike Pernia and John Joe.

Photos by Michael Eijansantos, Pammela Eijansantos and JC Zerrudo

Fujifilm X-E1 + Fujinon 18mm lens for portraits and landscape shots, Nikon d90 +Nikor  70-200mm lens for action shots.

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