Original Z-Boys Team Member, Skateboard Legend Shogo Kubo Just Passed Away at Age 54


One of the original Zephyr Competition team members (or Z-Boys) Shogo Kubo  just passed away today while Stand Up Paddleboarding this morning in Hawaii. The cause of the sudden death is still unknown.

Shogo Kubo was born in 1959 in the southernmost part of Japan, in Kagoshima City. The original Z-Boys were a group of skateboarders from Santa Monica/Venice Beach area in the 1970’s carved the way for the reinvention of skateboarding and became one of the most iconic skateboarding team of all time.

1619518_10201827712467781_1671092965_nShogo Kubo By Bolster. (Photo grab from Shogo’s Facebook page.)

Shogo was known as the “Layback Master” whose style was indeed became so popular. The aerial and sliding skate moves that the Z-Boys invented were the basis for aerial skateboarding today.



7457855422_0446f2d84aPhoto by Bret Haller 2012


Our deepest sympathy goes to the family and loved ones of Mr. Shogo Kubo. Thank you for your huge contribution in skateboarding.

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(Info source: Juice Magazine Facebook page, Jim Miur Facebook page post)

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