Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis Charging the Waves of Cloud 9 in Siargao Island Philippines


Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ main man Anthony Kiedis charged the perfect barrelling waves of Siargao after their successful concert during the 7107 International Music Festival in Clark Field Pampanga. As soon as the sun rose today, Anthony Kiedis, together with some locals already charged the barreling waves of Stimpy’s, another surf spot about 20 minutes boat ride near Cloud 9 in Siargao Island.

RHCP 3Anthony Kiedis with Ongster Denosta Montenegro and Philippine’s finest female surfer Nildie Blancada Rietenbach.

One of Siargao’s best, wahine Nildie Reitenbach, who has been going to Stimpy’s every break of dawn, was already there when the group arrived. She mentioned how very grounded and nice the vocalist is, “I was at the peak about to take the wave since am priority, but then saw him charging as well. I eventually gave it to him since it’s his first time in Siargao and it’s not everyday he’s here. When he went back to the line up, he was thanking me for giving it to him”, Nildie mentioned. He was surfing the whole morning joining the line up at Stimpys like he’s also a local. He mentioned how nice the people are and very accommodating.

RHCP 2Anthony Kiedis together with one of Siargao’s finest surfers Osot Alcala. Look at that set coming at their back.

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The vocalist then had breakfast at Siargao Inn, where Nildie is the owner together with her husband, Rico Reitenbach. “He acts like he’s not a bigshot celebrity and even went straight to the side of the resort, where the faucet is located and just rinsed there, instead of going to the washroom”, Nildie added.

1938027_10151907876046933_1504299441_nStimpy’s line up with a perfect condition.


1620962_10152677377714358_746971634_nStimpy’s gave out some massive swells for Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s Anthony Kiedis. Perfect left hander for his goofy stance.

1896977_10152677376154358_309370244_nSiargao’s surfing legend Manuel “Wilmar” Melindo.



“Siargao is a paradise. this is what I came for and I’m is so happy that I decided to go.”- Anthony Kiedis, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

It’s Anthony Kiedis’ first time here in Siargao Island and he already named it as Paradise. He mentioned that this is what he came for and he is so happy that he decided to go. This afternoon they will again go to a different spot to surf, making the most out of his time in the island. Another one for the books for Siargao!

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Photos courtesy of Ongster Denosta Montenegro, Ariel Becena, Osot Alcala and Manuel Melindo.