Old School: a documentary on Cebu’s Skateboarders


ZeroThreeTwo (032), a premier online magazine showing off the cool in Cebu, made a groundbreaking remarks in the Cebu skateboarding scene as they initiated to document the pioneers of skateboarding in their city.

Documenting the entire Cebu skateboarding scene is just a dream for some of the old school skateboarders who deserves a limelight during their glory days. This skate documentary will tell their stories on how they lay the foundation for the modern skateboarding scene in Cebu.

Watch as Cebu’s Old School skateboarders tell their stories, one skate trick at a time. Enjoy!


Old School: A Skateboard Documentary is made possible by ZERO THREE TWO, DreamLine Productions Chillage, Redeemed Tattoo and My Life on Board.

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