San Fernando Raw Run by Grupo Nopo


Check out this new raw run downhill freeride video from Grupo Nopo.

About Grupo Nopo:

Grupo Nopo (Opon spelled backwards), is a group of boardriders that share a common local pride, at the same time, spreading a principle that adhere to Free Energy. With origins of skimboarding and eventually skating, they started in 2003, as most groups do, as a barkada.

They can make great videos, skate and be in videos, rap, grapple, and surf, while having a grand time. Along with an ever growing community of lon boarders, they raise awareness to the alternative of public transport when they skate the streets, choosing Free Energy and making that personal contribution in the spirit of sustainable living. Grupo Nopo has also become a steady source of raw talent. Arjun Jimenez, Dandoy Tongco, Rico and Ering Ricablanca are just some who have carried the GN banner participating in longboarding events all around the country.

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