Thank you for the Good Times and for Sharing the Stoke Jhong Niepes


The Philippine longboarding scene, the Cebu wakeboarding community and the Grupo Nopo family was deeply saddened to hear the loss of one of the most stoked riders and good vibe local talent there is, Jhong Niepes.

Our heat during the 3rd VLT race in Boljoon.

We met Jhong in Cebu during the 2nd Visayan Longboarding. A tall guy with a humor, yes he’s really fun to be with. From there we developed a long distance friendship, eager to communicate through Facebook for any updates about the Cebu longboarding and wakeboarding scene.

Group shot with Patrick Switzer. Jhong with the Quiksilver hat.

Jhong is also a talented wakeboarder. I remember during our island tour in Cebu, he called his friend with jet-ski and gave us the opprotunity to experience wakeboarding. He was the one who assisted me and helped me experience my first wakeboard ride towed by a jet-ski.

During the Pinoy Wakecamp in Danasan Eco Park in Cebu. Jhong was one of the wakeboarding coaches. 

Wakeskating session.

The last time we saw Jhong was during the Haven’s Gate Downhill Race in Tanay Rizal. I still remember his smile after a stoked freeride during that event. Funny conversations and the camaraderie that we developed made him one of the best longboarders to hang out with.

Video courtesy of Jhong’s Grupo Nopo Family.

Video courtesy of Jhong’s good friend, Juan Duazo.

Our deepest sympathy and prayers to Jhong’s family and friends.

Jhong, you will always be remembered. Thank you for the good times and for sharing the stoke!