Circuit Fest Music and Skate Featuring Willy Santos and Riley Hawk


We’re inviting you to join us as we celebrate music and skate this coming May 25, 2013! The Circuit Fest Music and Skate, a collaboration of pop-rock music from bands like Yellow Card, Mayday Parade, All Star Weekend plus a skateboarding demo featuring Willy Santos, a top caliber pinoy skateboarder born in Olongapo City and grew up in San Diego, California. Together with him is his fellow Birdhouse Skateboards team rider Riley Hawk, the son of one of the most famous skateboarding icon in the world, Tony Hawk.

Thank you Quiksilver, DC and Roxy for giving us the opportunity to cover this spectacular event. Don’t forget to visit Quiksilver, DC and Roxy booth! See you there!