LB Supermarket and Skate Zamboanga: Summer Skate Jam in Zamboanga City Highlights


May 12, 2013, Tumaga, Zamboanga City, Philippines: It was indeed a perfect competition day as LB Supermarket supports Skate Zamboanga to promote skateboarding in Asia’s Latin City.

Over a hundred spectators gathered in LB Supermarket  to witness the best skateboarders in the city. As the competition unfolds, most of the competitors showed their best tricks to win the approval of the judges. “It has been a month long preparation, making the ramps, gathering of sponsors and promoting the event,” says Seed Sisam of Seed Fingerboards, the main organizer of the contest. “The event is in coordination of LB Supermarket’s 13th year anniversary and we’re privilege that LB Supermarket supported our event,” he added.

Summer Skate Jam was one of the most celebrated skateboarding events in Zamboanga City. The local skateboarding community in Zamboanga City will continue to uplift skateboarding as a sport and to push their goal in uniting every skateboarders in the city.
Here are the winners of the different categories.
Game of SKATE class A – Justine Alier
Game of SKATE class B – Jeric Bucoy
Park Run open category – (1st) Kier Vinluan, (2nd) Jade Suson, (3rd) Kristam Sabturani
Highest Ollie – Kristam Sabturani
Kickflip Challenge – Jade Suson
Summer Skate jam is sponsored by LB Supermarket, Skate Zamboanga, Seed Fingerboards, Strong, Familia Skateshop, Skatewerx, Hip Station Skateboarding, Caliz Skateshop, Noobs Boardshop, 69ps Unlimited, Delicious Papot Clothing, Kalo ZC, Balintawak Crew and Padz Akiran. Media support by
Photos courtesy of Seed Sam.