Z-Boys Venice Beach 2012


Venice has always been known as a hangout for the creative and the artistic. In the 1950s and 60s, Venice became a center for the Beat generation. There was an explosion of poetry and art. It became an iconic place for surfers and skateboarders because of the Dogtown. Dogtown is the poorer, slum area on the south side of Santa Monica that covered Venice Beach and Ocean Park Beaches.

Venice is today a vibrant area of Southern California and it continues a tradition of progressive social change involving prominent Westsiders.

One of a handful of skate companies finding its way during the infancy of skateboarding, Z-Flex has endured to become the longest running skateboard company in existence.

Founded in 1976 as a home for the original Z-Boys, through unique innovations (the fiberglass board and the first patented truck) and famous team of riders, Z-Flex evolved as the pioneer in the industry.

Now generations strong, Z-Flex continues its path of determination and dedication to skateboarding.

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