Why Ban Skateboarding? The BGC Incident and the Intramuros Skatepark


Recently a photo album (by Kevin Ducusin) on Facebook, was shared to us asking to post it here in Mylifeonboard.net. as we checked on the album we saw security guards, with high powered rifles, condemning the rounding up of skateboarders inside Bonifacio Global City.

The next day, we saw our friend Ross Valino shared a photo on Facebook of a popular skate spot inside Intramuros Manila. When we saw this photo, there were basketball court placed on the skatepark. This popular skatepark was featured on Lonely Planet and was used in a popular TV commercial.

Sad to say that the people, mostly government officials are closed minded and still not aware that skateboarding is a sport. These Skateboarding athletes practice everyday in this spots honing and improving their skills.

This was Intramuros Skatepark back then…


This is Intramuros Skatepark now…

Just like any other boardsports, skateboarding is a popular individual action sport among youths of today. There are so many people joining the sport everyday, if they will ban skateboarding, skateboarders will do an outlaw skate sessions and the scene will just keeps on going  until the cycle will continue. These people who don’t understand the importance of individual development of self confidence that skateboarding contributes to oneself can be considered as a violation of human rights.

We should not rant about this issue by making ourselves vigilant or being an outlaw skateboarders but rather we should unite and appeal to the one who’s in authority.

We know that the sport is dangerous and accident prone, but come to think of it, every moment in our lives poses danger that may lead to accidents. Skateboarders know what they are doing and they know their limits. A legit skatepark seems to be one of the solutions in this issue, but the most effective solution to this problem is to educate the people about the sport, giving them the knowledge that skateboarding is an individual sport that can help develop self confidence and can lift the person’s self esteem.

Let us know your thoughts about this issue and voice it out through your comments.

Photos courtesy  Mike Toledana