Urban Hope: Giving Hope to the Streets


URBAN HOPE is an organization focused on the urban youth culture/street ministry. We are bringing hope to the streets, promoting positive lifestyle through music arts and sports for the youth.

Founded by Mr. Jose Nocum II, also the owner of Malachi Beyond Skateboarding Apparels, his passion and love for God lead him to start a ministry to serve the urban youth culture, developing new leaders and athletes in the skateboarding scene, BMX scene and other urban youth culture. Urban Hope is committed to serve and help those who are in need by sharing their talents and skills in the urban youth culture through positive music and lifestyle to the youth of today.

They are passionate in advancing God’s Kingdom by sharing the gospel of “Jesus Christ” as they hit the streets, clubs, communities, sports, campuses, and in different societies of life.

Recently, Urban Hope launched their official website, WWW.URBANHOPE.PH. This is a big step towards Urban Hope’s goal in spreading the word of God and promoting positive lifestyle making it more visible and help people be aware about their cause.

Let’s all support Urban Hope as they continue to do their work in spreading the positive vibes using the gospel as their tool, making the skateboarding scene and other urban youth culture be involve in this movement.


Urban Hope: Bringing hope to the streets.

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