Gabriel Medina // Hawaiian Short Film


Gabriel Median Started surfing at the age of 9. Watch Gabriel Medina rip some waves and showcae his talent in this awesome video.

This is the result of a few encounters with Gabriel on the North Shore season of 2011. We just wonder what we’d see if someone filmed him full time throughout the year…

Gabriel Medina is the greatest phenomena of the surfing world has ever seen. Spot.
But as the tale of the ugly duckling, Americans and Australians insist on criticizing and overthrowing the boy. They say in loud and clear that he does not have muchline, which does not use the edge, and especially not surf at the same level of the tops in waves of consequence.

Come on. Medina, 17, won two stages of the WT in its debut year. Who did this?Overthrew the bald champ with knockouts and combinations. Who does that?Shane Dorian won the Pipe giant. How dare! Joel Parkinson humbled at their own game, nailing the rim with ease and elegance. What a surprise!


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