Victory Over Challenges, Living Life with a Purpose


Challenges are inevitable in our lives. Some challenges can either change or break our lives. But there are people who lives with these challenges, challenges that are visible in their physical features, challenges that physically show that they are weak, challenges that they think they can’t over come. Physically challenged individuals who defy what mere completely functional person think they can’t do.

Here are some of those physically challenged personalities that inspired so many people, making us realize that impossible is nothing and showed us that in every struggles and challenges that God gives us, there is a purpose in every situation that we face in our everyday lives.

Bethany Hamilton

She inspired millions of people around the world when she lost her arm when she was attacked by a shark while surfing. She almost gave up surfing but God revealed her purpose.

Bethany Hamilton has become a source of inspiration to millions through her story of faith, determination, and hope. Born into a family of surfers on February 8, 1990, on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, Bethany began surfing at a young age. At the age of eight, Bethany entered her first surf competition, the Rell Sun Menehune event on Oahu, where she won both the short and long board divisions. This sparked a love for surf competition within her spirit.


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Bethany Hamilton together with one of the best motivational speaker Nick Vujicic ( photo from
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Nick Vujicic

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Nick Vujicic on his younger days on a skateboard

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Italo Romano

Italo Romano proves that nothing can stop you from what you love to do. Physically challenged and yet an awesome rider. Inspire more skaters, inspire more people.

Poks Esquivel

Born with one leg and fused toes and fingers, Poks is a supreme example of how a person, through sheer effort and tenacity, can overcome even the most devastating physical disability. Poks can do on one leg what other surfers fail to do with two legs.

He sneaks into barrels with ease. He lacerates the lip of a crashing wave with minimal effort. He accomplishes aerial assaults with grace and fluidity.

Challenges in our lives are considered to be God’s blessings. It will define us and mold us into someone that He wants us to be. Bethany, Nick, Italo and Poks give us a glimpse of the most wonderful things life can offer, being blessed with what they have and still managed to cope and inspire millions of people around the world.

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Philippians 4:13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength