Road Trip Zambales

3413, is a website dedicated to promote the province of Zambales, spread love and stoke to people who wants to visit this most beloved province. The most accessible boardsport oriented province, with skateboarders, surfers, skimboarders and longboarders unite and show camaraderie with each other. the Zamabales Boardriding Association pushes  boardsports in their province, believing that this industry is one of the key factors to its growth.
We love Zambales! Zambales is also the birth place of My Life on Board. 🙂

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Cinematographers & Editors: Judd Figuerres & Sasha Palmores
Colorist: Miko Araneta
Production Managers: LJ Almendras, Aleli Mesina & Joseph Pascual
Music: Denise Santos

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