Longskate Arbus: Fabrizio Ara, living b&w


Longskate Arbus is back with this awesome video. Thank you for sharing your stoke with us!

The asphalt is hungry. The asphalt feeds you and keeps it alive by feeding her lines and her hot languages ??that allow your butt and your legs to move on the plank ofmaple or bamboo longboard you call. Asphalt is a primal monster, a deity of ancientcaves waiting for you and follows you, giving you the illusion of being chased. The tarmac waiting for your mistakes, look for them, wants them to be able to take apiece of your skin and swallow it like a fruit cake or just tasty meat filling.
Respect the asphalt, the asphalt because you do not respect you.
Feeding the asphalt becomes your mission to be conscious or unconscious. Do not be afraid to fall, because in small drops will feed and nourish the Beast’ll avoid that one day you consume.
The asphalt can be taught, the asphalt can dominate, but to do so you must feed the asphalt.

Nothing can escape from its jaws.
Nothing can levarti from his throat.
Nothing can save you from its powerful jaws.

Respect the asphalt because the asphalt is hungry for you! -Longskate Sardina Arbus

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