Surfing the Cobra Reef


Philippines is strategically located in the Pacific coast where typhoon or generally known as tropical cyclones  hits the Philippines roughly from June to December. Around 19 tropical cyclones enter the Philippines’ area of responsibility in a typical year and of these usually 6 to 9 make landfall. Well, for surfers in the Philippines, this means big waves to surf on. Tropical storm Juaning makes her way to charge and generate waves that will bring stoke to surfers.

A video of a surfing session in Cobra Reef in Brgy. Cemento, Baler, Aurora  during tropical storm Juaning entering the Philippine area of responsibility.

Cemento Beach is a long stretch of light creamy sand, crushed coral and seashells. To reach Cobra Reef, locally known as “Dapa,” one must walk from Cemento Beach through knee high growing mangroves–part of the local government’s mangrove reforestation project–to get to the coral reef break.

At Cobra Reef, normal waves are usually five to six feet high. During high season, waves can reach from twelve up to fourteen feet high. Sought after by experienced and professional surfers from all over, these right hand reef break type waves make for excellent and challenging surfing. (reef break: a wave that breaks over a coral reef or a rock seabed) source: