Go Skateboarding Day, A Glimpse of Celebration Around the World Part 3, Manila


It was a clear bright sunny Sunday! The sun hid itself for about a week after a typhoon poured heavy rain in Metro Manila. Parts of Manila were heavily flooded due to the continuous rain brought by typhoon Falcon. Skateboarders in Metro Manila were disappointed  during the official date of celebration of Go Skateboarding day last June 21, 2011. But nothing can stop us in celebrating the Go Skateboarding Day.

Skateboarders raised their skateboards to kick of the start of the event
Hundred of skateboarders gathered in one of the most famous land mark in the City of Manila, The Manila Central Post Office building in Lawton to celebrate the Go Skate Boarding day last June 26, 2011, there’s an old saying, it’s better late than never! Mr. Todd Tessier, led the way to start this event with a goal to promote skateboarding not just for extreme tricks or going fast downhill but also to become an alternative for transportation just like bicycle and to promote active and healthy lifestyle for the youth.

The event started with a few skate sessions, showing some gnarly tricks, executing tricks that might give skaters a heads up when the trick ended up clean and well executed. Product toss and some giveaways made the crowd intense and more excited. Some skaters came from neighboring provinces like skaters from Geek skateshop in Batangas, and skate crews in Cavite and Laguna. This event expressed one common thing for all, to spread the stoke and ride our skateboards with freedom, camaraderie and pride.

From Lawton, to Malate fountain in the worlds famous Manila Bay, hundreds of skateboarders flooded the main streets of Manila. Longboarders and skateboarders pushed their way to express their selves for this  event. It was a fun and a memorable experience for all, I my self joined the event and the experience of being able to skate in the main streets of Manila was fulfilling.

Sorry for causing about 20 minutes of traffic, we just get out their and skate!

This was an amazing experience!

Skateboarding is a fun activity and it’s also a sport too. The Go Skateboarding Day was celebrated to express our selves in skateboarding and also to bring the message to Filipinos that skateboarding is also a sport. The 1st manila Go Skateboarding day was a success and skateboarders will be expecting another celebration next year! To Mr. Todd and Inah Tessier, Aloha Boardsports, Melvin L. Montealto of Wall city Media and to the rest of the people who made this event possible, congratulations and see you again next year!

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