Snake Run at the Subic Bay During the 80’s


This video footage of the snake run ( that’s what they call it during the 80’s) was a remnant of skateboarding during the occupation of the American soldiers in the Philippines in what so called Subic bay US Naval base. This ditch is a hallmark of the start of skateboarding era here in the Philippines where you’ll see in this video, the snake run is a blood line of enjoyment and happiness for skaters during the 80’s. Filmed by Brian Ashak, it was like a travel back in time seeing this ditch in its smooth pavement plus a half pipe on the side of it serving as skate haven for all.

Photo by fab Romero

Photo by Fab Romero

The Snake run in its present condition

Now, the snake run in Subic  is considered as a forgotten ditch inside a private property of an old military base just waiting for skaters to serve and deliver a stoking experience.

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