Riding with Adam Colton in the Philippines


It was a privilege for us here in the Philippines to ride, eat, swim, play games and chat with Adam Colton for 9 days. He’s a very funny man with lots of games for all of the participants of the 2nd Visayan Longboarding Trilogy. Adam Colton is a popular skateboarder all around the world. The opportunity that we had to be with him is like a once in a lifetime chance to ride with a professional longboarder. Admittedly, we only watched Adam Colton in YouTube, now he’s in front of us making his tricks and bombing some hills.

On our 1st leg during the Visayan Longboarding trilogy, Adam Colton showed us some sliding tricks together with the local longboarders here in the Philippines. Riding his Loaded Bhangra, he actually made a jaw dropping stand up 180 slide twice on one of the fastest downhill concrete road of Don Salvador Benedicto dubbed as the Lion’s road, in the province of Negros Occidental. Sleeping in Hammocks, eating lechon ( Roasted Pig), having a 3o minute hike going to Malatan-og waterfalls, were some of the side activities Adam Colton, Adam Stokowski, and Pablo Castro experienced. Sadly, we didn’t find balut ( fertilized duck egg with a nearly-developed embryo) along our way during the trip because Adam C. wants to experience eating one of our favorite food here in the Philippines. Adam Colton was a fun guy to be with. He has the ability to blend and mingle with the downhill riders here in the Philippines easily. The one thing surely I’ll remember with Adam C. is his games for all of the participants of VLT. Like I said, he has lots of games to offer, he was an instant game master.

Adam Colton’s downhill rides were epic and he showed a lot of expertise and style bombing hills. Using a Longboard Larry prototype deck and his signature Paris trucks with Orangatang wheels, he placed 2nd on the first leg and he got 1st place on 2nd leg of Visayan Longboarding Trilogy. With pablo Castro and Adam Stokowski, their experience here in the Philippines will be a remarkable story to be told to their friends in the US and in return, many international downhill skateboarders will soon visit the Philippines and bomb some  gnarly hill. Soon the Philippines will be considered as a longboarding haven in Asia.

To know more about Adam Colton visit his website, www.whoisadamcolton.com
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