A Story of Success: The man Behind Malachi Apparel and Urban Hope


I consider this guy as one of my mentors, a close friend and a brother from another mother. Jose Nocum II, proud owner of Malachi, beyond skateboarding skate apparel and founder of URBAN HOPE team Philippines,  shares his story about his life on board, inspiring board riders and giving us a glimpse of his success.

1998 was the year when Jose started to engage in skateboarding. “The stoke that I felt during my first trick still lingers me until now” as Jose Verbalized.  His skate spots were SM north Edsa, Caloocan, Makati and the most memorable mendiola. He skate only for his own satisfaction of being stoked when he can pull a trick. During His college days, Jose Nocum met the Lord, led by his friends in Far Eastern University.

” Skateboarding is more than fun and meeting new friends, it’s more than a sport, as a fashion statement. Skateboarding is a CULTURE, it’s a lifestyle.” – Jose Nocum II

According to Jose, or Jun as I call him, being on the streets, you’ll learn a lot of things, it’s either positive or negative (smoking, drinking liquors, alcohol, sex, worldly things, etc) ways. Jun experienced it both. But, in the end he chose the right path by helping the skate community and inspiring everyone to become a responsible skateboarder.

” Hindi porket sa physical outlook mo, dapat i- judge ka ( i’ts not because of your physical outlook you’ll be judged), people should respect us as a skateboarder. Every decisions that we make is vital and important for our own maturity as a person, it is vital for our own growth.”

He counted to me that it was a big blessing to him when he met the Lord Jesus during his college days, his skateboarding days.  It changed him inside and out. He also realized that skateboarding was also a blessing to him, the talents that he have was God’s plan and purpose to expand his knowledge and territory in sharing God’s love by way of doing community projects, events Through URBAN HOPE Team Philippines.

Visit www.urbanhope.ph, the new website of Urban Hope

” Everyday for us is a battle to live on, it’s a test, but in the end I can see the light knowing that God is with us waiting for us to talk to Him, establishing relationship with Him and not doing any plain old religion. He gave me strength, vision and courage as I started MALACHI ( Pronounced as “ma-la-kai”, a book from the old testament in the bible) apparels. I started selling clothes with my own design by direct selling it to skateboarders with my big backpack moving from skate sessions to another. I consider my self as a walking store that time. I started with only 12 shirts. And from 12 shirts, now MALACHI apparels has 14 stores outlet and growing, consigning his products to top lifestyle stores like Stoked inc. Malachi also caters skate events, concerts and other activities through the MALACHI events production and consultancy. And this 2011, Malachi will have new designs for longboarders, skimboarders and boardsports activities.

” For me it is more than skateboarding, I want to inspire and develop future leaders and athletes. I want to inspire skaters and for the people who will read this story that what ever dreams, goals or ideas that you have, ALWAYS put God First in everything that you do and everything will be added on to you. Failure is a prerequisite to success so what ever obstacles or ups and downs you’ll face, Triumph will be yours if we always walk by FAITH and not by Sight. so keep your head up high and keep skating!”

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