And the Future Begins! Electric Skateboard!


Our mind is not limited in terms of ideas and concepts. This electric skateboard from FiiK Skateboard turned out to be a reality from science fiction movies and books. The idea of having an electric skateboard started 10 years ago. Now Fiik Skateboards materialized the idea and made a best electric skateboard ever. Now, I’m eager to try to ride one!

Revolutionizing the sport of skateboard is a never ending evolution that may deliver our satisfaction of getting stoke and the feeling of effortless pushing and pumping on our skateboard.

This electric skateboard can literary go down a hill! The Street Surfer will take you about 20 miles on a full charge and takes about 3-6 hours to recharge when the juice is all gone. There may also be a “quick charger” in the works that would take the charge time down to about 2 hours.

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