A Letter from longboarders to the Community Leaders of Brgy. St. Ignatius


By: Joemarie Famanila
Jet Tronco
Kit Rosales
Kiko Banal

To Barangay Saint Ignatius,

Thank you for being understanding and asking our opinion on skateboarding, it means a lot to us because skateboarding  is our sport. We can’t just learn a new hobby because it is not our calling, it ‘s like asking a penguin to stay in a desert when it is not his/her nature. Skateboarding is different from everything else and it is what captures our interest. It is also our form of exercise and a past time so we don’t spend too much time with technology like most of the kids of our generation. We actually try our best to inspire our friends to choose outdoor activities through different means, whether it would be skating or other awesome sports they feel that they are good at and they have fun with.

We understand that we can’t close a street because as beautiful as our village is, it is small, so closing a street would be hard and it might cause an issue among residences. As a compromise, we would only skate at certain times at certain places, so that drivers and pedestrians are aware and they would expect when and where we are skating.

So our proposition for our daily schedule on what time we can skate would be the following:

  • 5:00am – 8:00am
  • 3:00pm – 6:30pm

As for the streets we are proposing to use, we only choose the following:

  • 1st Street
  • Fordham Street
  • 4th Street
  • Riviera Street

We would also like to mention that we think it should be applied that anyone skating or any other sport of that kind should wear a helmet for their own safety.  We ourselves try our best to reduce the chances of facing variables that can harm us and others. For example, when there is a corner, we assign one skater to check if there are any cars and if the roads are clear so that we don’t get into a harmful accident.

We’re very stoked and appreciative that you’d let us continue shredding because stopping would hinder us from progressing and learning new tricks.

Again, we would like to thank you for your time and reading this letter.

From the people that shred your local hills,

The Skaters. 🙂

– This is a good example of open communication between the skaters and the community, an effort to be commended on. A simple effort like this will give a big impact to the community, making longboarding as a sport to be recognized for the next generation to come. Surely this effort will reap its harvest and touched the lives of those people in charge. This effort will recognize longboarding as a unique sport, a culture that binds us together and it builds camaraderie and unity. This sport is our sport and we are proud we’re doing it, loving it and enjoying it. We all hope this effort will have a good outcome and be an example to all.

To Kiko and the rest of the skaters of Brgy. St. Ignatius, Thank you for this simple effort you’ve done.