I Think I Need a Therapy


By Paolo Corbilla

From Manila, Phippines

I started skateboarding when I was in grade 6 but it didn’t work. I can’t do an Ollie maybe because I was scared of bailing that’s why I quitted skateboarding when I was in grade 6. Then when I was in third year high school I bought a Landway board. I had feelings of skateboarding again and this time I started to learn how to Ollie, front sides, shove it and some old school tricks. Summer came and I am always skateboarding outside our house. Then two unknown guys said to me “san ka naglalaro? ( where do you skate?)” then I said “dito lang sa tapat ng bahay ( Just in front of our house) ”. They said to me that I should join their crew, I was shocked when they told me that I should join them. It was my first day with their group and I was shy to skate with them because they might be better than me but they did teach  me how to do a kickflip. I was using my first set up those days. I have a Canadian maple deck, blank trucks and some wheels I bought in Cartimar in teddy’s shop. As time passed by, quickly I had may board snap by doing a frontside 180 down in a 3 steps stairs somewhere in Mendiola that was my 2nd time to give up my skateboarding life but there was a time that I became like an addict because I was getting donations from my schoolmates for my new deck. Then one day when I was in mall of Asia, I saw a speed demon board that only cost 1500 or 1800 so I bought it and I really don’t have money left so I went home already. When I continued skateboarding I was so happy but I didn’t learn any new tricks anymore but as long as I’m having fun skateboarding I will not quit. Those days I was in loved with my sister’s longboard but still I chose skateboarding because it’s challenging. I started growing up and now that I’m in 4th year college I need to study well to graduate but the problem is I can’t because of skateboarding.

I really cant stop playing skateboard even though I’m not that good at it, I even sold my speed demon to buy a new deck that I am currently using right now but things got worst when this incident happened recently that led me to stop skateboarding. I was playing in Lawton specifically in KKK where there are many squatter people to pee and shit around the place(its legal in that place while skateboarding is not WTF?!) then when I was playing game of skate with my friends I didn’t notice a kid was sitting in the stairs. Then because of my eagerness to catch my kickflip sex change  I flick my front foot and still landed it as a kickflip but my board slipped away going to the stairs and the board hit the child on his head. He just cried but the mother of the child was shouting at me with vulgar words and hitting me with my own skateboard(I don’t have any chance of getting my board because she was holding it) I was following her until we came to the police office in city hall and the hell when we  were there she was so cool like nothing happened just to know that my mother’s money was wasted because of that woman. My mother gave them 500 (only 500? My mother was so angry with me even though its only 500 pesos hahaha!). But then I really stop skateboarding that day but I didn’t sell my deck. Now it’s displayed at our home. Last march I saw someone who has a skateboard outside an internet café near UST. I asked him where does he skate, he said that he doesn’t skate anymore and he just bought the skateboard so that his friends will learn how to use it. that rmade my day because he lend me his board for that time only. But I can say that I can’t quit skateboarding even though I have to much failing grades, I think I really need a therapy.