Is it Dangerous? Yeah! Danger is the Middle Name of our Sport!


As what John Eldredge wrote in his book entitled, Wild at Heart“Adventure, with all its requisite and DANGER and WILDNESS, is a deeply spiritual longing written into the soul of man”, defines what man is longing for. Without adventure, danger, man’s life is incomplete. Life is packed with curiosity, pushing the limits of our capabilities and showing a unique way to indulge ourself for the passion in the sport. Admittedly, longboarding, skateboarding, skimboarding surfing and wakeboarding are all dangerous sport. The thrill and excitement blends with adrenaline rush, when combined, it gives you the feeling of being stoked.

Longboarding is a dangerous sport. First of all, you need to have the basic requirements before engaging in this kind of sport, balance. Bombing hills is the typical hyperactive way to give you the pleasure of being stoked. Yeah, it’s dangerous, mostly when you don’t wear any protective gears. Helmet is required for this sport because you need to protect your head just in case you bale out or get wiped out. Bruises, friction burns, cuts, and fractures are the common injuries you’ll encounter when you engage in this sport. Surely, you won’t be able to have this if you will prioritize your safety and to learn emergency slides and bale outs.

Surfing, even if you fall on water, the danger behind it is when you’ll be hit by your own surfboard, or other surfer’s surfboard or much worse, wipe out may take you even in a worse condition. One of the most dangerous part of a surfboard is it’s fin. My friend, Jukka of Free Energy Coop, had an accident due to the surfboard fin. He sustained 50 stitches in his right arm. Now, he’s back into surfing. Yeah, surf happens…

Skateboarding was depicted and branded as a sport that is accident prone. From fractures, to concussions, many skaters sustained more accidents because some of them don’t wear proper protective gears. Some usually execute a trick without proper consideration about their safety.

On skimboarding, probably, in my own experience, I landed on my back when I was trying to ride a skimboard. It was pretty hard, for sure. Mostly flatland skimboarders encounter accidents because of the rails they use to  execute a trick as well as in wakeboarding.

Boardsports are dangerous sports, but with proper practice and consideration for safety as the top priority, accidents might be avoided. Dedication and confidence is one of the key ingredients to overcome situations that may affect your focus that may lead to something serious. Danger is the middle name of our sport.