It’s unfair!


For a commuter like me, I’d rather ride a train such as LRT line 1 and 2, MRT and the newly designed PNR ( Philippine National Railways) because it’s much faster and cheaper than driving or riding a bus here in Manila. Manila is popular not just because of it’s Jeepneys, the so called king of the road and also for it’s unorganized traffic system ( peace to MMDA!). That’s why I choose to use my longboard as a mode of my transportation whenever I want to go to the mall or just to cruise around the busy streets of the metro.

One day, I decided to bring my longboard to work so that I can drop by at  Skate of the Nation on my way home. Luckily I was informed by my friend Bu that Skateboards are banned in trains! At first I was still insisting that I can talk to the security guard but still he warned me that I might end up arguing with them. Because of my eagerness to bring my longboard, I went to the train station and I asked the security guard on duty why skateboards are banned in train stations and inside the train. The security Guard said, “Baka Magskateboard kasi sa loob ng tren” ( Skateboarders might ride their skateboards inside the train). What a silly answer from Mr. Security guard. How can you ride your skateboard inside the train if it’s always full of commuters! The authorities can’t even justify their rules. I ended up riding an FX cab ( a ten seater air conditioned public transportation) on my way to work.

Things that are prohibitted inside the train and train station

On my way home, I cruised around at The Araneta center, a security guard called my attention. He used his whistle and after that he shouted ” Hoy! Bawal mag skateboard dito!” ( Hey! Skateboarding is prohibited here!). At that moment I was already picking up my speed  so I just continued carving the streets of Araneta center.  We should still be thankful because in other countries like in the US, Skateboarding is totally banned in the streets.

Longboarding community in our country is continuously growing. We must continue to build a positive image in our society so that we can continue to enjoy and maintain the freedom that we are experiencing in riding our boards, spreading stoke and inspiring people to engage in longboarding/ skateboarding. Cheers!