1986 skate and downhill race Movie: Thrashin’


As one of our avid reader requested, Rob Tekno, this movie has inspired a lot of people to engage in downhill race. Thrashin’ shows the culture of skateboarders way back into the 80’s. But the story revolves into two things, a man’s passion in pursuing the girl of his dreams and to continue the sport that he loves. Challenges is indeed deeply rooted in our selves that’s why we love longboarding. The rush that feeds our satisfaction for our need for speed is an experience that will definitely engraved in ourselves as we continue our passion to bomb hills. If you haven’t seen this movie, I encourage you to watch it. Yeh, it’s an old school movie, but if it wasn’t for this movie, Downhill longboarding will never be given a chance to evolve and we might never be engage in our sport.


The highlight of this movie, Downhill race