Skate safe this 2011


Safety. It’s everyones priority. As a nurse, one of my responsibilities is to promote safety most specially on the community that I belong too, the Longboarding community. I heard a lot of stories about accidents, head trauma or even death because of one thing, not considering and prioritizing safety for oneself. As an active citizen of this community, we should always prioritize safety. That’s why this road sign in Nasugbu, Batangas, sponsored by the safesk8 riders, should be an example of responsible board riding. I encourage everyone in the community that we must take the initiative to help provide road signs in the most of the hills that we bomb. We should hand in hand, all together, promote safety, whether it’s on longboard, skateboard, skim or surf, number 1 priority is safety. wearing protections like helmet, (consider to buy legits helmets), elbow and knee pads, or even leathers suites. We should set an example to the younger generations and the community to skate safe all the way.

Go on, spread this blog to make safety a priority.