a fruitful 2010, a promising 2011


The year 2010 was a fruitful year for me. There were so many happenings, blessings, trials and struggles, but still with the guidance of our Lord I’m still here, happy, contented and still kicking! 2010 was also a memorable year for me. I was married in July 2010, I had my peak of my carrier as a Diabetes Educator in 2010, and I had my new chapter of my life also in 2010.  I started to become a boardsports Fanatic in my high school days. I never tried riding any board during that time. My mind was set on one sports alone, Basketball. I was engaged with skater friends, trying to be on the scene. But in 2010, from being a fanatic, to enthusiast, now a surfer and longboarder, and now a boardsport blogger, I was in fact in the stage of starting to be my self, being what I wanted to do and what I wanted to be.

Peter Excel Figueroa, a longboarder and a surfer from Kilusan, shares his reflections and experiences about the year 2010 in his blog, STOKERCHILD . I introduced him in my  previous blog post. this is a must read for all of you guys! Click on the Image to read Stokerchid’s blog.

2010 was indeed a fruitful year for all of us, but in amidst of reality, we’ll expect and declare that 2011 will be a promising year for us! so go on, ride your board and continue to inspire and give Stoke to others! Happy new year guys!

MLOB’s new years resolution:

1. To bring stoke to people in sharing and inspiring them with stories about their life on board.

2. To give you guys the latest and informative updates about the boardsports community.

Watch out for My life on board this 2011! new stories, activities, collaborations and events to be featured on MLOB! God bless and see you on my next blog!