Zambapalooza Skimboarding competition result and highlights


By: Michael Eijansantos

I was so excited when I saw so many skimboarders skimming and gliding the water surface of the beach in Crystal Beach Resort, San Narciso, Zambales. Skimboarding is a boardsport where you start to run so fast to get your momentum in the beach side to skim out to the breaking waves. Skimboard competition was one of the main competition in the recently concluded Zambapalooza. Here are some of the photo highlights of the skimboard competition courtesy of Enzo Artadi.

And here is a video highlight of the skimboard mens finals using my 5130 Xpress music nokia phone. (sorry for the video quality :))

Skimboarding is  fun yet also a challenging sports for those who wants to engage in boardsports. The X-Life, a show on QTV channel 11 here in the Philippines  covered the Zambapalooza event and the hosts of this show tried skimboarding for them to experience the thrill of this sport.

And here are the results of Skimboarding competition.
CHAMPION: Obet Yanuario (Tanauan, Leyte)
1st Runner-Up: Roderick “Brando/Si-aw” Espada (Tanauan, Leyte) 2nd Runner-Up: Roderick “Manoy” Bazar (Borongan, Samar)
3rd Runner-Up: Rioben Vivero (Tanauan, Leyte)

CHAMPION: Jack Rosete (Iba, Zambales)
1st Runner-Up: Allan Caralinan (Castillejos, Zambales)
2nd Runner-Up: Melvin Abad (Iba, Zambales)
3rd Runner-Up: Jaro Anillo (San Marcelino, Zambales)

CHAMPION: Arlene Nonato (Makati City)
1st Runner-Up: Xelyn Ola (Castillejos, Zambales)
2nd Runner-Up: Nadja De Vera (Quezon City)
3rd Runner-Up: Antonette Bombase (Quezon City)

CHAMPION: Selvester Baktad (Pundakit, Zambales)
1st Runner-Up: Raffy Romanban (Iba, Zambales)
2nd Runner-Up: Menchester Abad (Iba, Zambales)
3nd Runner-Up: Meldivson Abad (Iba, Zambales)


Yes, I do admit, I want to try skimboarding when I come back to crystal beach. (Yeh, It depends if my wife would let me try it!) Kudos to the organizers of Zambapalooza! Eventhough my body is aching right now, I’m sure this event will be engraved in my heart. Next topic, Skate, Surfing and Longboard pushrace competition. See you on my next blog!