My Quizbee Price


By: Jerome Manalo

Quezon City, Philippines

I started skating last December when I won in a quiz bee contest. I received  a price money on that contest so I decided  to buy a skateboard. I did’nt know anything about skateboards but I managed to buy a cheap and complete set of skateboard. Then I started to learn Ollie. It took me a month to learn the Ollie trick. Then I decided to practice shuvits and fliptricks. But then, I decided to stop riding my skateboard for 2 months because it affected my studies and in return I got low grades on my class. But then when I finished my school I decided to go back again and practice my fliptricks. After that I  landed my first ever kickflip and shuvits last August. Because of my eagerness to learn, I joined a skate Clinic where I first landed my tre flip. I was very happy that day but after a week my tre was lost but I continue to practice my Kickflips to be cleaner and steezier skater.